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Our company are manufactoring and dealing with wholesales

Nationwide delivery available in all orders

We wish everyone success in the improvement of territories and you are always welcome if you need the advice or technical support from the our engineers in your project.

  • Top quality products made in UK
  • Best customer service
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Engineer support
  • Installation service with free delivery
  • 48 months guarantee
  • Ingineer assistance in our project/ construction site

Sample from our Grass top cover


From the spring of 2010

We producing and offering products already from the spring of 2010. We are expressing our gratitude to all the greenery and landscape architects for their ongoing collaboration and nice feedback and suggestions. We also want say thanks everyone who has allowed us to participate in your projects with the new and innovative solutions. For over 9 years, the company has created a number of unique products and solutions for specific projects for specific clients.